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Harmonyjunky: Welshpool Community Choir

This choir is made up of a complete mix of people from a 20 mile radius of Welshpool (sometimes further!)
Some people are in other choirs and enjoy an extra sing once a month, other people feel that one sing a month is enough.

Absolutely no commitment is required! We just see who turns up and create a choir for an evening. Each session is completely different, but they all have this in common: the harmonies are lush, the acoustics are great, the people are friendly and the biscuits are varied!

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Roxane weaves juicy harmony magic into everything from a funky rhythm-driven freedom song from South Africa to spine-tingling love songs from Georgia plus fantastic arrangements by talented contemporary composers.

—Chloe M

Singing in a community choir has been an amazing discovery for me, singing songs with glorious harmonies from all over world, all taught by ear in an accessible way.  Roxane is hugely skilled in leading community choirs and manages to make all the learning lively, and there’s always lots of laughter.  In a relaxed, fun way that she is able to teach songs to people of all sorts of different levels of experience so that every person adds to the beautiful sounds that we create. I’d thoroughly recommend it!

—Liz W

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