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Harmonyjunky: Swansong


Swansong is a small ensemble of singers who will, if invited, come and sing at the bedside of a person who is terminally ill and close to death. We believe that the sound of singing can ‘soothe the soul’ and that being sung to can be a very reassuring experience. It can be a gentle and undemanding way to be with someone who is very close to death. We do not sing songs affiliated with any religion or belief system, we concentrate on creating a soft harmonious sound that lets the listener know they are not alone, but asks nothing of them.

There is alot on the internet from ‘Threshold Choirs’ in America and while there are many similarities, we are not quite the same.

If you have a friend or relative who may be interested in being sung to, please get in touch with

We do not charge any money for this.