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Harmonyjunky: Festivals


Singing Festivals are fun and fabulous, weird and wonderful, brilliant and bonkers, magical and musical.

If the weather is kind, there really is nothing as amazing as rolling out of your tent on a hot morning to have nothing more stressful to concern you than making a cuppa and start singing or go to a workshop.

A singing festival offers the opportunity to escape many aspects of ‘normal’ life that really don’t do us any good at all. If you feel busy and rushed in your day to day existence, a singing festival will be laid back and relaxed. If you feel disconnected or isolated, a singing festival will reconnect you with joyfulness, frivolity and friends. All of this, plus singing from dawn to dusk.

Because of the sheer number of fine festivals on offer these days, Roxane tends not to do every festival every year.

Here is a taste of the festivals she works on. She has heard the weather is going to be great (2018) so is going to Rise up Singing AND Unicorn. see links below for dates.

Hereford Harmony,

this was a weekend of singing and silliness in June organised by Roxane Smith. The focus of the camp wass to be fun and funky. The rain we experienced has become LEGENDARY. I organise indoor events now!

Unicorn A week long singing camp in August with a focus on community living (camping in circles or small groups) and spirituality. Saturday 4 - Sunday 12 August 2018

German Voice Camp A week-long singing camp near Hamburg.

Rise-up Singing An 8 day singing camp in August run by the Qi-gong teacher and Nutritionalist Daverick Leggett. The focus of this festival is great food, community and connecting deeply with the voice.

The festival runs every year, I will next be at RUS in 2019….July 12th-21st 2019